Lauren T. Mack brought striking life to the uplifting anthem “Hello to the New Me” with her powerful yet gorgeous alto instrument.
— David Clarke, Broadway World, "KEEPING THE PARTY GOING"
Lively & confident questioning...
— Piper Rasmussen, Theatre Is Easy, "MOVIN' ON UP"

Fiddler on the Roof. Credit: Charr Crail.

The youth of the cast highlight the show, however, with outstanding performances from Lauren T. Mack [...] Mack brings a loving sternness to the eldest of the daughters.
— Harmony Wheeler, Broadway World, "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF"
Lauren Mack presents a head-strong and enticing Joan. Her questioning couples well with Smith’s, furthering Gorcyca’s frustration.
Theater Pizzazz, "MOVIN' ON UP"
Lauren T. Mack may be one of the best Tzeitels I’ve seen. Tevye’s daughters usually kind of blend together for me, but Mack stood out as a strong woman, with a touch of her mother’s sharpness, a woman who will rule her house with a firm hand and who is not afraid to stand up to her father when he attempts to marry her off to Lazar Wolf, the Butcher.
— Bev Sykes, The Davis Enterprise, "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF"