I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be appearing as Joan in Jeremy Kehoe's darkly silly play MOVIN' ON UP at the WOW Cafe, August 13-26.  

We just got a lovely write-up on BroadwayWorld!

Tickets go on sale July 15th at the Fringe NYC website.

It’s funny-or-die in the graveyard. This absurdist comedy pits a Watchman with a worthless watch against a chatterboxing, handcuffed man and a know-it-all woman in bandaged hands to see who earns the right to move on up.

Why would the Watchman who wears a watch that won’t work sit silent sentry in a graveyard and wordlessly wait, and wait, and wait? And what about Lewis, who shatters the serenity after stumbling from a slumber at the soles of the Watchman’s feet? Where does he think he’s heading? Nowhere fast, if the Watchman has his way. And then there’s Anne with the bandaged hands. What drew her to this dark corner of the universe? And, why does she keep insisting she knows everybody? It’s so annoying. Why won’t any of them move on? What in the world are they all waiting for?
— from the official MOVIN' ON UP website

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